Floral Fractal

A collection of 1000 fractal plants within an artistic metaverse

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What is Floral Fractal?

Floral Fractal is a NFT collectibles and a blockchain web art.

There is 1000 unique fractal generated plants

Owners will have the ability to spawn their plants on a shared web art called: Floral Fractal World.
This interaction will define a new way to interact with web art.

There will be several drops per type of plants family (trees, flowers, mushroom)
The current drop family is Pinales

This is a tribute to the harmony of science and nature

Floral Fractal Metaverse

The Floral Fractal Metaverse is a forest where all the NFT can live.

Owners can choose a location, and as long as the tree does not move, it will grow over time.

The forest metaverse will be exhibited at different real and virtual events.

Floral Fractal Metaverse is the first of a series of artistic metaverse.
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Dev Roadmap

Oct. 2021
Launch of the official Floral Fractal World

Dec. 2021
Launch of a DAO for voting on new implementations


10 NFT Giveaway to the community

3 ETH lottery for Floral Fractal holders.

3 ETH donation to a nature preservation organism (TBA)

3 ETH lottery for Floral Fractal holders


What is Floral Fractal?

Floral Fractal is an NFT on the ethereum blockchain.
The NFT are mp4 of the plants rotating

What is Floral Fractal World ?

Floral Fractal World is an Artistic Metaverse.
It is an application that displays the plants at their location.
And the app allows the owner to place their plant in the metaverse

How do I purchase ?

First at the pre sale and after on opensea
You will need Metamask or a similar Ethereum wallet on your browser

What is the contract address ?


How much does it cost ?

The pre sale price is 0.05 ETH

What can I do with that?

You can collection them, trade & use them in Floral Fractal World.
They will also be integrated in future dapp

Why should I buy?

Because Floral Fractal is not an NFT without purpose.
The whole collection in the metaverse gives birth to a collective art.
Floral Fractal will be exhibited at different real and virtual events.
This visibility will increase the demand to participate in the Metaverse.
A DAO will also be created to allow the holders to vote on new implementations




A creative coder with a passion for nature

In charge of the artistic creation & blockchain development

Wanna join?

We are looking for marketing strategist & artist for the project

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